Craddle of Humankind and Sterkfontein caves tours

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Cradle of humankind tour
The Cradle of humankind is considered as a World Heritage Site. This heritage site is based northwest from Johannesburg, South Africa. People can also describe it as the place where we became human or the birth place of humanity.

The tour:
Starts with a boat ride on an artificial lake
A short lecture about how our brains developed
Where language came from
When fire was first used and the risks for us as species in the near future.

maropeng cradle of humankind

maropeng cradle of humankind









Cradle of Humankind gets its name because it doesn’t just produce a large number but also some of the oldest hominin fossils ever found in history. The name Maropeng also means “returning to the place of origin” in one of South Africa’s 11 official languages.

This site (about 47 000 hectares of land) consist out of several caves and fossil hominid. These caves are identified as the oldest and most continuous paleontological dig in the whole world. This site is a very interesting and yet exciting for tourists and visitors.

Evolution maropeng

Evolution maropeng

Cradle of humankind

Cradle of humankind







Sterkfontein Caves
Here scientists have discovered many hominid and other animal fossils, dating back more than 4 million years back. It is the place where the very first adult ape-man was found by Dr Robert Broom in 1936. The most popular fossils to be found here are “Mrs Ples” (Australopithecus skull) and “Little Foot”(Australopithecus skeleton). This tells the story of the precursors of the modern humans.

Sterkfontein cavesKids in sterkfontein caves,







While doing this tour:
* It is important to wear comfortable shoes when going to these caves.
* Handbags and luggage to be left behind.
* There are a number of tight spots and pathways to negotiate in the caves.
* It is not advisable to do tour for people who are claustrophobic.
* It is not advisable to do tour for people who suffer from acute asthma or chest problems as there are a lot of stairs.

inside sterkfontein cavespeople inside sterkfontein caves







End of tour

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