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where to go in johannesburg;

where to go in johannesburg


Events and fun things to do in Johannesburg and Pretoria


  1. Tourist places
  2. Casinos
  3. Night Clubs
  4. Family and kids entertainment
  5. Conference venues
  6. Strip Clubs
  7. Concerts and Entertainment places
  8. Airports and General places




Welcome to Astro Trip’s “Where to” page. We provide you with suggestions and information of places around Johannesburg and Pretoria to go to.

Pretoria and Johannesburg places and events

Places and events in Pretoria and Johannesburg can be described as the best in South Africa. Are you looking for fun things to do in Johannesburg and Pretoria, looking for events or simply just places to go to in Johannesburg and Pretoria? We have it. We provide some suggested places and events with all the information here.

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